Enophthalmos / Orbital Floor Reconstruction

Enophthalmos is the condition in which the patient suffers from recession of the eyeballs. There are several symptoms of enophthalmos which can be seen in patients who require orbital floor reconstruction in such patients. Sunken eyeballs are one of the major symptoms which help in determining the ophthalmologist condition in the patients.

Enophthalmos can be detected with the help of several tests like home vision tests and then diagnose the condition in the patients. In this way, the physician or doctor will be able to know the eye health of the patients. In the condition of the enophthalmos, the treatment done is usually the orbital floor reconstruction so that the recession of the eyeballs can be corrected and the eyeballs can be positioned in the original position. Enophthalmos is treated by medical as well as surgical treatments depending on the etiology of this condition. Moreover, the medications given to every patient of enophthalmos varies with the main condition and symptoms of the patients. If the patients have any other medical Condition then the medications vary to a great extent with every patient. Chemotherapy is used in this condition to direct towards a specific disease like metastatic disease. Also, ionizing radiations are of great use in these diseases which ensures the improvement of the health of the patients in a better way. Immunosuppressive treatments are done in case the patients have some other diseases like inflammatory disorders. In this way, proper treatment is given to the patients to improve the healing of the patients after the respective procedures is done. Non-surgical management is done once the condition of the patient is achieved to a stable state after the above mentioned procedures.

Enophthalmos treatment also involves the surgical care of the patients which varies with the severity and the cause of the patients. After this the orbit of the eyes is corrected and then the soft tissue management is done in a proper under the guidance of the experienced and skilled surgeons. The orbit is stabilized and corrected with the help of bone grafts which are allowed to heal and loss of a certain portion of the bone graft is also expected. So, over correction is done by the team of surgeons. Therefore, the surgery is done in such a way that the bone portion and functioning of the eyes is not compromised after the completion of the procedure. The stabilization is very important and then the soft tissue is done on the posterior part to prevent anymore recession of the eyeballs. Proper consultations are recommended to the patients with the neuro-ophthalmology surgery to ensure that the patient has no side effects and recovers at a proper rate after the successful accomplishment of the surgery. Proper care is to be taken by the patients as well as their family members so that they do not neglect their eye health after the procedure. Also, the doctors recommend the restriction of certain activities to ensure that the patients do not stress their eyes and surrounding structures a lot otherwise it can lead to interference in the healing of the operated orbital areas.