Facial Palsy Treatment

Facial palsy is a facial trauma related disorder which can be seen in the patients who are brought to the dental clinics to get treated and their condition cured. Facial palsy occurs on one side of the face and then the signs and symptoms of this disease can be clearly seen on the patients face after using some of the commonly done tests by the dentist himself. Facial palsy makes the patient look absolutely different on one side with the face drooping on one side. The causes of the facial palsy has not been clear till now but it is considered that the herpes virus has a major role in causing the facial palsy condition. Therefore, the treatment is quite advanced to ensure that the condition of the patient can be brought to control and improved within an estimated period of time.

Bell's palsy

The signs and symptoms of the facial palsy includes sudden weakness on one side of the face, drooling of the face, pain in ear, eyes vision problems like excessive dryness or excessive tearing of the eyes as well as numbness of the ears and ceased functioning of the taste buds in the tongue of the affected side. Facial palsy is treated with proper planning and schedules treatment to ensure that the patients can reap all the benefits provided by the treatments. Also, several tests like MRI scan, CT scan as well as blood tests are done so that the patients can get the right treatment for themselves in case the cause of the condition is getting difficult to be diagnosed by the team of dentists and surgeons. Nowadays, many new types of diagnostic methods and treatment options have been introduced so that the treatments can be done in a much easier way and the team of doctors can save a lot of time with the help of faster treatment options. Many of the cases of facial palsy get cured on its own within 1-2 months. But, in case the condition severe or does not get healed on its own then proper treatment is provided to the patients. Corticosteroid medicines as well as antiviral medicines can be used successfully in the cases of facial palsy. Patients have shown effective improvements with the help of these medications in the long term. The dental treatments are done in case the teeth are affected during the time period of the facial palsy. Patients are taught various types of exercises related to the facial sensory organs so that they can revive the functioning of these organs back into the normal state.

In this way, the facial palsy condition can treated successfully by taking care of some important things pertaining to the functioning of the facial parts so that the patients can start using the side affected earlier in the same way as the normal side. This also ensures that the patients will be able to boost their confidence after the completion of the treatment schedules. Also, the aesthetic features of the patients can be restored successful after the treatments are completed.