Jaw Distraction Surgery

When it comes to facial deformities, there are various forms and varieties of it. Often these problems take a bad turn in life. One of the problems is the skeletal deformities. Skeletal deformities occur due to various reasons. One of the reasons is the genetic, and the other reason is accidents. Due to skeletal deformities, a patient has to face various problems. If you are a victim of such problems, then you must be willing to take the right treatment. For healing this problem, the ideal treatment is the Maxillofacial Distraction Osteogenesis. This treatment has the ability to solve the issues of skeletal deformities.

Maxillofacial Distraction

Solving skeletal deformities

The skeletal deformities can be various types. These deformities result in the deformities in the jaw areas or any areas on the face. However, skeletal deformities can occur in any part of the body. This hampers the balance of life. Skeletal deformities happen to be one of the major problems in the modern times. It results in various hurdles in life. The jaw problem provides a hindrance in the process of eating and other functions, the chin deformities also gives an improper quality of life. These are some of the common skeletal deformities that occur to millions in the modern time.

The process

One with skeletal deformities looks for the best treatment. If you are one of them, then you will surely like the treatment Maxillofacial Distraction Osteogenesis. This treatment is a savior of millions. It helps in giving the deformed part a new and well build structure. The process of the treatment is long. This treatment is basically a bone generating treatment. Through this treatment new bone structures are formed which help in rebuilding the new bone tissues. This treatment is used for treating the long bones of the face. A corticotomy is used to fracture the bones into two segments. After these, the two bones are joined together for giving the portion the good shape.

Disadvantages that you should know

This treatment has been very helpful for years. It has been solving various facial deformities. With this treatment, millions of patients are getting a new life and a new way of living. This treatment has huge benefits as well huge disadvantages too. You must go for this treatment only if you have a certain serious problem. Do not go for the treatment if you do not have the right problem. It comes with certain disadvantages, which you have to know and take care of. Few of the disadvantages are:

  • This treatment can give few infections. These infections may turn serious at times. You should beware of this factor.

  • This treatment may result in displace or a shift which may give a serious problem.

  • It may give huge difficulties in the nerves and tissues.

Go ahead

These are some of the disadvantages, which you must beware of. However, a good surgeon can guide you in the right way. You can get the perfect service from the right surgeon. Therefore, you should not worry about having this treatment. Go ahead and choose this treatment for getting a new life.